Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starting a new small quilt

This is the pattern I won from Jeanneke at the end of last year. I like to have a hand piecing project to work on and because this one is so small it won't take too long to finish. It is sewn together using English paper piecing and I have all the papers covered ready to start sewing.

Included with my pattern were all the pre cut squares of  printed fabric. There are lots of tiny, cute prints in the Aunt Grace fabrics.

If you visit Jeanneke's blog and scroll down to her December 6th 2010 post she has the complete instructions (with lots of photographs) to make the quilt yourself.

This is block 7 of the Tailfeathers BOM. Only 2 more embroidered blocks to go now.

These 2 blocks are my most recent finishes of the Civil War Quilt blocks.  Block 8, Cotton Boll is on the right and block 9, Birds in the Air on the left.  I have one more to make to be up to date.

My quilting is going to slow down considerably in the next few weeks. Our DD is getting married soon, so there are lots of wedding preparations to complete....including helping to make her wedding dress.  It is an exciting ..... and stressful time!