Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quilts In The Barn 2014

What a beautiful quilt to greet us at Quilts in the Barn this year!! This brilliant version of Homage to Sally-Ann was hand appliqued and machine quilted by Helen Hayes.

Quilts in the Barn is a wonderful 3 day event held every year by Linda Collins and her many helpers who make the day a huge success. All proceeds go to breast cancer research.

I had a day of quilts, friends, meeting new people from here and overseas, and sharing of food, fun and lots of laughter.

Lots of photos following!!!

After a quick tour of the quilts I went to meet one of Linda's international guests and one of my quilting heroes.

Me with Brenda Papadakis, of Dear Jane fame!!

I started my Dear Jane in January 2008, at a time in my life where hand sewing saved my sanity. It was an absolute delight for me to meet Brenda and have a chat with her.

Brenda signed one of my Dear Jane blocks:

I also purchased Brenda's new pattern.

Once around the barn is never enough, so off I went to have a more detailed look at the quilts. :)

Gracedale Doves. Hand appliqued, machine pieced and machine quilted by Louise Lott.
Pattern by Max and Louise Pattern Co.
I love the dove blocks on this one.

Ohio Medallion Quilt by Sharon Duffy, machine quilted by Kaye Brown.
Pattern by Judie Rothermel from her book "Reproduction Quilts From The Civil War Period 1850 - 1863"

A close up of the centre...

This next quilt has some beautiful fabrics...

Churn Dash Fancy. Machine pieced by Linda Collins in 2014. Machine quilted by Katrina Wilson.
The quilt is made from swap blocks from an online group and was inspired by many antique quilts.

I love the reds in the centre of the 2 blocks below.

A small section of a Baltimore quilt.

From Balitimore to Beaumauris - Every Quilt Tells a Story by Lynne Mills.  Needleturn appliqued.

A close up showing a beautiful variety of fabrics.

Zutphen is a large quilt. Hand stitched by Jenny Bear and quilted by Karen Terrens.

Below is the interesting story behind this quilt.

and a some close ups of the blocks. Look at that quilting!

Some hand quilted quilts too!!

New York Beauty.

Made by Judy Newman. Hand quilted by Judy Newman.

Minis by Marion Edwards. Hand quilted by Marion Edwards.

Linda's other international guest is Patty Harrants. Patty is well known for The Wickersham Signature Quilt.

I first saw a photo of this quilt many years ago and I was entranced by it!!! I fell in love with this style of quilt! Unfortunately I couldn't find that photo again, so I couldn't make the quilt. I was very delighted to find out Patty was coming to Quilts in the Barn and that she was responsible for this stunning quilt!!
The original quilt is in The State Museum of Pennsylvania. Patty made exact drawings and notes and all the blocks were made by friends of hers. The quilt was hand quilted by an 87 year old lady in just one month!! Even the quilting is an exact copy of the original.

Patty had discs for sale. She even signed the cover for me!!

The cover block is my favourite block.

Patty also gave me a personal lesson on back basting. I'm eager to give it a try.

Patty and Brenda took classes and gave talks while they were here with Linda.
Patty's class was for this quilt.

Rebecca Kohler Quilt is a crib quilt. The original is also in the collection of the State Museum of Pennsylvania. This quilt was also hand quilted.

Yesterday I met a group of four ladies who are all making Dear Jane together. They have finished al the centre blocks and are working on their triangles. We had a lovely chat while talking with Brenda, then shared a cuppa together.

More friends from yesterday...

Dorothy, Leigh and Anna, all fellow quilters from The Friday Girls at Somerset. Great stitching friends!!!

Unfortunately there wereno signs on the quilts behind us. If anyone knows who made them can you let me know please, so I credit their creators properly.

Edited...The quilt on the left is a pattern by Sandra Boyle. The quilt on the right is Museum Medallion, Pattern by Judy Newman.  (Thank you Susan and Dorothy)Th

Just a little story about the first quilt in this post. I first saw Homage to Sally-Ann hanging in Di Ford's shop, Primarily Patchwork, in 2005 or 2006. I had gone to the shop to learn how to quilt and I was taking a class for a hand sampler with 5 other ladies.  When I saw Homage to Sally-Ann hanging in the shop I fell in love with that quilt. I said to myself, "when I'm good enough" I want to make that quilt!Well, 8 or 9 years later I have bought the pattern, chosen fabrics, changed ny mind on fabrics, chosen more fabrics................and that is as far as I have got!!!
Do you also have a quilt like this, hidden away in a cupboard, waiting for the right time to be made?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My lone star is growing with the third point being attached this week. I am finally happy with all the fabrics I am using.

Last month Moda ran a "Moda Love" blog tour.  I saw several of their designer's blogs with great quilts. Moda supplied a free pattern with instructions in 3 sizes.  I decided to use some of my Cotton and Steel fabrics to make the smallest size.

This is 12 1/2 inches unfinished.  I loved the version I saw with those little 4 patches on  Vanessa's blog. 

Look what I found!!!

The selvedge says "Tree of Life" by Di Ford with Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman for Dutch Heritage"  I found it at Somerset Patchwork and Quilting.

If you look  here you will see my photo of a Tree of Life Quilt from Quilts in the Barn last year. (fourth and fifth photos)  The centre panel of the quilt is all appliqued and is the same as the printed panel above.

Here are a couple of photos from my garden.

Banksia Rose

and Pink  Rock Orchid.

I am looking forward to this year's Quilts In The Barn, which is on this Friday Saturday and Sunday. Each year Linda very generously donates all proceeds to Breast Cancer Research. If you live close enough it is a great day out for a great cause.

Happy sewing

Friday, October 3, 2014

Noah and Matilda, CCCQ and more

On the last day of September I put the last stitch in the last of September's Noah and Matilda blocks.

Just made it!!

This month there are only 3 blocks, but one looks like a doozy!! Lol

I have been trying to get a photo of all my CCCQ blocks together in one place. I tried outside (not enough space inside) a couple of times, but each time a breeze blew just as I was taking the photo and blocks went everywhere!
Finally I have a photo!

There are just 9 more blocks to go!

A quick update on some other stitching.  My lone star is progressing slowly. I have almost finished the 3rd section.
I have also started cutting and sewing up some of my Cotton and Steel fabric,

Some family news... My daughter has just released a new range of clothes and accessories for babies and young children. To see some of her designs take a look at @kromekids on Instagram or Krome Butterfly on Facebook.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)