Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slowly appliqueing and making puffy grapes...

This month my applique is progressing slowly.

Luckily this month's CCCQ block was relatively fast to make.

Block 21 Mary Trayner.

I decided I wanted my block a little more symmetrical than the original, so I made a mirror image using just one half of the block.

In my last post I included photos of 2 Noah and Matilda blocks where I hadn't completed the embroidery embellishment.

The original block had 2 rows of satin stitch around each element. I decided to just embroider around the 4 plain red pieces.

I used 1 strand of DMC embroidery floss.

Next is the grape block.

Again, I used one strand of DMC floss.

To make the grapes I used Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles.

They're tiny!

Cutting out the circles, leaving an small seam allowance extra.

The extra fabric helped to puff up the grapes.

I also put a tiny circle of cotton batting into each grape to puff them up further.

Puffy grapes!

Last night I began stitching the first block for this month's set. Hopefully I can finish all 4 before the end of the month. Wish me luck!