Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back to hand stitching

Over the last week I have been able to get back to some hand work.

I have now finished the 2nd branch on panel 2 of Trailing Vines.

I have been making very slow progress! I do love working on this quilt every time I get it out.

I have the leaves prepared for 2 more branches, so I hope to get plenty more done soon.

In a previous post I showed a picture of a book on Boutis I bought while we were in France. I have done a little more reading and  decided to be  a little less ambitious about my first project!
Here is the beginning of my stitching. This piece is a little over 6 inches (15 cm) square.

And a closer look...

The main difference between boutis and trapunto is that there is no batting between the 2 layers of fabric.

The design is stitched through the 2 layers of fabric, then the shapes are stuffed in a similar manner to trapunto by hand.
When you hold a piece of boutis up to the light you can see clearly though the fabric where there is no stuffing.
I am almost up to the point of stuffing the shapes.

The rest of my current sewing projects are "secret sewing"!

Here are my fabrics for one new project.

Many of them from here.

Last week I spent a wonderful day at Linda's with Bev, Dorothy and several other ladies farewelling Randi who was going back home to Norway.
We had a lovely day of chatting, laughter, sharing great food and seeing lots of quilts; some newer and some antique. Thank you for a great day Linda, Bev and ladies!

My thoughts are with those who have been through the fury of hurricane Sandy and other weather extremes. I hope you are all safe and well.

A few photos from my garden....

Rose Just joey, fuchsia Heidi Ann and 2 miniature roses.

This is sunrise yesterday morning from our front yard.

Have a great week everyone! :)


  1. Your trailing vines is looking so wonderful!!

    I always love the photos of your roses. Just beautiful and so is the painted sky!

  2. I love to see your vine progress! Your roses are beautiful!

  3. Your Vines are looking Lovely...there's so much work in this quilt but so worth it....
    Beautiful Garden

  4. Your vines are beautiful! What tiny little stitches with the boutis.
    Your flowers are lovely.

  5. Hi Miriam,
    looks like we share the same interests ! For your boutis, a quick tip: when you are stitching the points, make sure you take a backstitch so you have a stitch on each side of the point, this will give you a sharper shape once you begin stuffing

  6. I'm keen to see how you go on your boutis work - quite a challenge.And your applique is beautiful! Thanks for the post.
    Every Stitch

  7. Lovely vines Miriam. I'll look forward to seeing your "boutis" project as it progresses. Gorgeous photos of your roses, stunning!

  8. the vines are still looking spectacular - most impressed - and as for the boutis - plse bring it next sewing day :)

  9. Looks like you're hiking right along on your vines! I'd never heard of boutis -- thanks for the info!

  10. beautiful vines and quilting! the roses are lovely too!

  11. After seeing Susan McCord's quilt in person, I just LOVE seeing people working on it! Just lovely! And your roses are gorgeous!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  12. Those vines are really something. They will be so spectacular when they are all put together :o)

  13. love those close up vies of your vine. so pretty.
    And the flowers, stunning!

  14. Your applique is gorgeous, I love it! I'm really fascinated by your boutis project, I have never heard of that - how is it pronounced? I cannot wait to see it finished!

  15. Wow! Boy, the things you could teach me!!