Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its December, and Summer.....

I have kept working on the Waterloo quilt and have finished 4 more basket blocks.

I have 3 more prepared and ready to applique. I am finding it is easier to do the English Paper Piecing during the day because my eyesight isn't what it used to be!!

This is the centre block of the Waterloo quilt. Not all of the circles are appliqued down yet, but you get the idea!!

There has been a little progress on the Antique Quilt. The instructions for the next round came out today, so I will be trying to finish off the current round quickly. Lots and lots of flying geese next!

My postman delivered lots of goodies yesterday!!!

Firstly, I won a giveaway that Nancy of Blogging, Near Philadelphia ran recently. Her prize was a covered journal. Nancy kindly offered me a choice of fabrics and I picked William Morris......in Nancy's choice of colour. Here is what she made me!! Isn't it wonderful!!!!! :)

I just love all William Morris fabrics and I have a small collection of my own. The fabrics Nancy chose are all different to any I have. Thank you for picking me, Nancy and thank you for such a delightful gift. Handmade gifts are always precious!!!

There was another much anticipated parcel in the post yesterday.

Lots and lots of delicious fabric!!!!!

Fat quarters of Kaffe Fassett fabric. Now I can start my Jacobs Coat quilt. I have one small decision to make......do I go with the mainly red fabrics on the left, or the blue/green fabrics on the right?????

Also in the package were some Rouenneries yardage. I chose the solid red and the stripe to make bags for summer. The floral is my absolute favourite fabric in the whole collection!!!

After experiencing the hottest November since records began 154 years ago, I am hoping for a cool summer this year. Our November also brought the heaviest monthly rainfall for almost 5 years. I'm not sure if these weather phenomena are evidence of global warming, or just normal variation.

Christmas preparations have begun today. My Christmas cake is in the oven.

Below are some photos from the garden. Most of my roses have finished their first lots of flowering, however Red Velvet seems to always have at least one bloom.

The fuschias are covered in flowers.

I am not sure what this plant is called, but I love the blue flowers.


  1. Your post has me drooling Miriam. Your blocks look very elegant and what a great win. If you can't choose for the JC, go both, lol. They all look delicious. Can't help with the flower but isn't the colour gorgeous? Like Jacacranda.

  2. Hi Miriam
    What a lovely post, I love the red colourway but whatever your choice I am sure it will look divine. I am also tempted to start the JC quilt.

  3. Found the pic of the complete Waterloo quilt: gorgious!! Am drooling hihi. And believe it or not: last week I bought my first 8 F8's ever by KF, the reds! Have no idea what to make with them. Unfortunately the JC link doesn't work at this moment so still curious hihi! And in Holland winter is doing his utmost to arrive, tempetures are dropping a bit: quiltingtime!!! have a nice day!

  4. Oh, how I envy you!You should be here and all you could see is grey with grey, and a boring rain too.Enjoy your beautiful roses, and my decision for J"acob's coat " will be red
    Enjoy the summer...

  5. Hi Miriam I would not be able to help myself re the Kaffe and would be using a mix of colourways, both red and blue

  6. Oooo love the center for the Waterloo quilt, your applique is beautiful. WOW lots of great stuff in the mail, I could wear the Kaffe fabrics thin just by petting them a lot LOL.


  7. Oh I love the block with the little circles for the center block - it is really pretty. I am beginning to think I need to order that pattern!

  8. Your applique work is lovely! What a lot of fantastic projects you have in the works! Congratulations on winning that giveaway. I love the idea of making little notebook covers. Everyone on my gift list would love one.

  9. Wow. Your applique is going to be beautiful. I love the little baskets too -- makes me want to do another basket quilt! AND you're doing Joseph's Coat! I SO want to do that quilt -- I might have to give in after the new year but I'll be torn between exactly the two colorways that you're trying to decide between!

  10. Love, love, love your baskets and center block for the Waterloo quilt!

    I would choose the red KF fabrics (you know how I am :o)

    Good idea to make bags out of the FG fabric. I love the floral as well.

    Pretty flowers!

  11. I love all your baskets. So beautiful! And, the centre block, just so very lovely! Both bundles of Kaffe fabric are great, but my eyes are going to the blue/green and now they are on the red! Just too hard to choose.

  12. Hi Miriam....Your package for Donna's SSCS swap arrived yesterday...I have the ornaments on my tree already and the other presents are under the tree where I can hopefully resist opening them until CHristmas morning! Thanks so much...I tried to email you but it got returned to me both times, and I can't figure out why. Happy Holidays to you!

  13. Oh I'm so jealous you get to do the Waterloo quilt! It looks phenomenal!! And that is some nice goodies you have received.
    Sounds like everyone has had a very warm Novemeber, we also had only about 1/3 of the normal precipitation.