Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Most of my sewing for the last week has just been a continuation of everything I am already working on. Nothing new to see for the moment. All those projects have been put away temporarily so I can concentrate on some sewing for Christmas. I plan to make lots of little Christmas projects over the next couple of weeks.

The next message is a reminder to be careful out on the roads.

It is not a pleasant subject, but road safety is something every driver needs to be reminded about occasionally.

Turn on your headlights on December 10 and shine a light on road trauma.

This is a current campaign run by a government agency here in Victoria, Australia.

Turning on your headlights on December 10 will commemorate those who have died on our roads and show your commitment to keeping the roads safe.

A link to the site is here.

Most of my readers don't live in my state, but I feel it is a timely reminder to everyone to be careful on the roads, particularly at this time of year when there are more people out in their cars.

Be careful out there everyone!


  1. You too please!! Happy stitching on your little Christmas projects! Hugs XXXD

  2. Thanks for the reminder Miriam. My state patrol neighbor had always threatened to pull me over for going too slow but I remind him that he's never had to give me a ticket for speeding or wreckless driving. Mostly he just pulls me over for a little chat LOL.